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Interface MultiValueListControlProps

Props for a ListControl.



Optional apl

Props to customize the APL generated by this control.

Optional confirmationRequired

confirmationRequired: boolean | function

Whether the Control has to obtain explicit confirmation of the value.

If true:

  • the Control will take initiative to explicitly confirm the value with a yes/no question.


id: string

Unique identifier for control instance

Optional inputHandling

Props to configure input handling.

Optional interactionModel

Props to customize the relationship between the control and the interaction model.


listItemIDs: string[] | function

List of slot-value IDs that will be presented to the user as a list.

Optional pageSize

pageSize: undefined | number

The maximum number of items spoken per turn.

Optional prompts

Props to customize the prompt fragments that will be added by this.renderAct().

Optional reprompts

Props to customize the reprompt fragments that will be added by this.renderAct().

Optional required

required: boolean | function

Determines if the Control must obtain a value.

  • If true the Control will take initiative to elicit a value.
  • If false the Control will not take initiative to elicit a value, but the user can provide one if they wish, e.g. "U: My favorite color is blue".


slotType: string

Slot type for the value that this control collects.


  • The slot type defines the set of expected value items.
  • NLU will, on occasion, accept novel slot value and mark them as ER_NO_MATCH. If you only want to accept values that are explicitly defined add a validation function to test this.state.erMatch

Optional validation

Function(s) that determine if the value is valid.

Default: true, i.e. any value is valid.


  • Validation functions return either true or a ValidationResult to describe what validation failed.

Optional valueRenderer

valueRenderer: undefined | function

Function that maps the MultiValueListControlState.value to rendered value that will be presented to the user as a list.

Default: returns the value unchanged.